Its a rioland cube 4ox. Im not great with amps and I cant ever find the tone I want. Do you guys have any idea how I might get slashes tone with this amp? Help me if you can. I have a Gibson les paul studio.
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Try classic stack setting with bass at 8ish mids at 2ish and treb at 8ish.Try it.

Scooping the mids? I don't think so.

TS, it will be difficult to get anywhere near Slash's tone with that little modelling amp.

However, maybe you can get something close to it. Just don't expect an exact replica of the tone because it's not going to happen.

I don't have too much experience with the Roland Cube, but try the Brit Combo or the Classical Stack. Afterwards, push the mids to around 7-8, treble around 6.5 and bass around 5 or 6.

After that, turn up the Gain until it sounds good.

From the Ultimate Settings Thread:
Gain - 6.5
Treble - 4.5
Mid - 7
Bass - 7
Presence - 8

Now, I'm not saying you will nail the tone with this exact settings. They are just starting points, you'll have to tweak a bit more to make it sound better.
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I agree with the suggestion to try the Brit Combo - on my micro cube it provides the best rock tone by far. The key is setting the gain and volumes properly.