I have JB Jr in my bridge, what would compliment it nicely for an 80's metal, blues, shred kind of sound?

Thinking of switching my two single coils for cool rails or little 59?

What do you think folks?

Really like this chaps sound:


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The JB and '59 is a classic combo. I have it in my ESP EC1K and it's my go to for balls the the wall rock n' roll. They sound nice in lower gain settings as well, very versatile pickups.
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pretty sure the jb jr is a single coil size heh.
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Thanks for the replies.

Would it be worthwhile using 2 '59s with the jb jr?

Or a duckbucker?
Go with a Cool Rails in the neck (It is the single coil size version of the Jazz). For the middle, go with a Vintage Rails, to get some quack in there. You will have a great sounding, versatile guitar, that is awesome blues to shred.
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