- Buyer pays shipping unless otherwise stated or discussed
- Prices are negotiable, but don't expect me to budge too much.
- Only shipping these within CONUS. If you insist on one of the items and live abroad, you pay shipping IN FULL and take all responsibility for any complications that come with customs.
- Trade values are slightly higher.
- If you'd like to see my reputation you can look at my Jemsite rep , Sevenstring.org rep , and my Ebay rep .
- If you'd like ANY other specific pictures, feel free to ask and I'll get them for you ASAP.

As for trades I prefer a straight cash sale but for the right guitar I might be willing to budge. Straight up trades for Ibanez Prestige guitars or I could also add a bit of cash on top for something a bit higher value.


- Ibanez RGD2127FX (not interested in tremolo model)
- Ibanez RGD7UC + cash
- Ibanez SRFF805 Fanned Fret 5 string bass
- Strandberg Boden OS 7s
- Ibanez RGA321F
- Ibanez S5521Q
- EBMM offers
- Parker USA offers
- Other 7 string guitars (preferably longer scale length and hardtail ONLY)
- Other 5 string bass offers
- Anything interesting!


Ibanez Prestige SR1000EFM 4-String bass w/ OHSC


PRICE: $800

This bass is in very good condition. It only has a few minor dings here and there which are shown in the pictures. The bass has recently been professionally setup for Standard EADG and plays beautifully. It's also neckthru and happens to have one of the nicest flamed maple tops I've ever seen on one of these.

Includes the original Ibanez Prestige hardshell case and all case documentation, including tags.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!