Hey guys I'm new to the site and I'm looking for major help. I been doing music for about 7 or 8 years and mostly writing my own and also creating beats and recording but I always used pro tools on someone else studio. I want to have my own setup and eventually upgrade but for now I'm looking at about a grand for all my needs. I plan to get a MacBook but would like to know my options since I know pro tools is expensive. I seen bundles online and I don't want to go too low on it when I want great sound. I'm looking for a usb audio box with phantom power and of course a great condenser mic. I'll be recording only voices since I use a different computer for instrumentals. All I'll be doing is importing the beat and just record the voices. So ok, a usb audio interface, a recording software and a mic. It's a start to my passion and I just think it's time for me to make this my self. Please help with any tips and suggestions. I'm willing to check out everyone's options. Thank you guys.

Randy V
1st- Get real about what you plan to record and how you plan to use the results. Clearly state your goals and objectives. Recording for kicks and grins is very different than producing film scores for major motion pictures.

2nd- Any DAW will sound every bit as pristine as ProTools. Your DAW choice is more about compatibility and user interface than sound quality.

3rd- Choose only the tools you need to accomplish your goals. Getting the "biggest and best" is often a waste of resources if a simple low cost solution will deliver the goods. See "1st" above.

If you plan to get a Mac you already spent your $1k. It does come with Garageband though. If you are only recording voice an ipad and interface might be a better solution.
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