Been a good few months since I've been on here. Struggled to find the time to finish this so I got a bit lazy with the outro. Would like to come back to this to write something more interesting to end on.

Let me know what you all think.

c4c of course.

rock 445 v12.gp5
Changing the first two guitar parts to a clean guitar and jazz guitar respectively makes it sound infinitely nicer. Rest, would leave unchanged, cuz is gud. Pls check out my thing and crit pls.


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my only real complaint is the tech riff. it feels a little too forced, and the rhythm isnt all that catchy/groovy. im not opposed to the part as a whole, but id maybe experiment with the rhythm

also, why does one guitar drop out for such a long time at 114?

aside from that, its yet another solid piece bro i feel your lead work is improving, it seems to have more direction to it (not that i had a problem with your leads before)

as usual, not much to complain about
Really like the intro, it's calm and sets a nice mood. Including the guitar solo.

I like the major feel of the chorus, but would love to hear it with vocals.

The two verses have a really nice feel to them as well.

I like the tech riff, but I can see why it would feel a little forced or unfitting imo, as pAWNlol says. It's not as groovy as the rest, but that may be what you're going for, sort of drifting in and out of grooviness.

I think the drums are a little too busy for my taste during the break in certain parts from around bar 128. I just tried halving the tempo of the open hihat and it feels a bit nicer to my ear that way. Think it grooves more at quarter notes on the hihat instead of 8th notes. But it's your song of course, but try it and see what you think

I really like the last 10 bars or so. Those were smooth as a baby's bottom.

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