My amp tech wants to replace all the tubes in my Peavey 5150 amp after it was damaged in a recent car wreck. I want to ask the community what would be the best tubes to put in as to get the best tone out of the amp? It was already a smoking little beast with some heavy distortion and warm clean tones, but I heard different tubes are better than others and I want to get this done up right.

Also, advice on having the amp biased? Obviously the clean on the 5150 isn't pristine but is there a way to optimize my clean tone? Same with the distortion. Cheers.
biasing have it done by a professional; there are plenty of youtube videos to teach you how to do so. I remember one guy having a vintage marshall amp he hated the sound of and the biasing brought it to life where he didn't want to sell it. Luckily you've got a 5150 though so plenty of youtube videos if you want to learn how to bias an amp; it looks really easy if you got a multimeter and electricity doesn't scare you.

tubes to go with though Ryan Bruce (Fluff on youtube) said that one time he got tubes mailed to him and the ebay seller put them in envelopes.. yeah seriously.. the tubes you go with make a big difference. For example. Here's a good start for which tubes to go with , but this isn't end game it's like tone capacitor material in your guitar or what type of alnico you go with when designing a pickup, you're right at the end of the day, Research and see if this will affect the tone of your sound the way you want it to.

When in doubt try the peavey forum for some ideas
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screw your tech and do it yourself. on peavey amps the bias adjustment is pretty useless unless the bias circuit has been modded to give a bigger range. the tubes pull out and push straight in. literally save yourself $50+ and do it yourself then if there are any issues you can have a tech check it out.

JJ 6l6 tubes are great for the power section.

Get a JJ 5751 for V1 and the Phase Inverter. JJ Ecc803 for the rest of the pre amp. If you want you might want to get another 12ax7 from a different maker just to have some variety if you want.
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