Something like guitar rig 5 for example, I want some sort of software that can get me decent sounding rock/metal tones along the lines of bands like Killswitch engage, All that remains, In Flames, Soilwork...etc. Anything with good clean tones would be awesome too. I'm wanting to use it on a macbook pro (el capitan) in the DAW Reaper. Any particular recommendations? Cheers guys
Look up LePou stuff if you want to keep it free. They have a few metal style amps that sound nice. TSE also has nice amps like the X50 but you still need cabinet impulses to make them sound right.

Bias is also really popular right now for VST tones.
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+1 for LePou, great amp sims, and do some searching online and you can find cab impulses. I believe LePou also has a free cab sim vst.
For free look at LePou.

Not free but inexpensive is Peavey ReValver 4 - all of the 6505, 6505+, Dual Rec, Vox, Marshall, Fender, Engl Powerball and just about every other Peavey. Effects and cabinets as well. Buy a pack or just individuals.

ReValver also runs standalone if you don't want to load Reaper every time (also works well in Reaper).
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I use POD Farm. I find it very simple to use, and have been doing so for a few years ago. I recently got the metal pack which I used in this demo. However even if you don't get the metal pack, you can still achieve a good tone with the standard amp selection.
TSE X50 would be ideal for you as it models the 6505/5150 that Killswitch Engage use on their albums. The newest verison you get an Engl preamp included too which sounds really good also.