I am pretty new to pedals, recently started acquiring a few cheap ones. I bought some short cables to connect them. Two of them are pretty small danelectro pedals -- Danelectro Tuna-Melt & Danelectro Pastrami.

To my great surprise, I could not use my connector cables because the ends have this round, flat metal part right behind the plug, and the input & output jacks on the pedals are too close together due to these metal parts. I just started googling, and I guess these are called pancake connectors.

Anyway, despite some googling, I could not find anyone discussing how these are too big to work with smaller pedals, like these Danelectros. That's odd, i thought. If this was a real problem, I'd expect to find some article or post where some one brought this up before. Could I be missing something?

So I want to be sure I'm not crazy. These cables, specifically designed for guitar pedal applications, actually will not work with a number of pedals that have the input and output jacks too close together? Do I have that right? So I just have to toss y lame pancake cables and buy some with normal connectors to fit in these pedals?

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From what I can see, yeah you are not crazy. Those Danelectro units are more compact than some pedals. Generally the in and out jacks are on two opposite sides of the pedal, not right beside each other.

Don't toss your pancake cables. Just get some right-angle regular patch cables.
I ordered a whole bunch of those for my pedalboard a while back and then realized the same thing. They basically wouldn't work with any pedal with more than one jack on a side. Sent them all back.
The issue of finding the right combination of cables for your pedals is quite common and frustrating. I use several pedals from various manufacturers on my small pedal board and some have the input/outputs on the top (like my Ibanez TS10) and some on the side. Another issue is where they place the AC input for external power supplies. There is little consistency between manufacturers. Some are on the side, some are on top. On my VOX Wah pedal the input for the AC is so close to the output on the side that I have to use a straight end cable which uses up more room than necessary. It's just something I have to live with. It would be nice if there was a standard but there isn't.
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Thanks for the responses, now I know...

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