I wanted to have an old Marshall but I had a new PV heritage. They were respectable amps but did not exactly sound like an old Marshall so here's what I did:

They had a built-in phaser. They had a special function you could freeze the phase at any given point in its sweep, whatever the terminology is.

I would set it to really slow, when I heard it come around to that high mid Marshall like sound I would freeze it.

I always used the clean channel with a little bit of gain, even the clean channel had enough gain for a mild rock sound.

Then I would turn that 120 W, 6L6 powered baby up LOUD ! , With a Gibson Les Paul. We played tops of the Pops in medium sized rooms for decent sized crowds so the amp was pushing pretty good with both power amp tube and probably speaker distortion.

I don't know but I bet it out did a line 6 plexi model because it was not digital.

I know this is kind of a junk thread but I like to reminisce.
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