so my 6505 has just died and the cost to replace it is about the same as buying another used, it's a great amp and I'll replace it in the future but I want to try out some rack gear now.

So I've got a 6U Rack which i got for $20,

I'll be buying a Line 6 POD HD X.

What should I be looking at for a power rack? obviously I want something cheap (AUD), I really have no idea what I'm looking for and my budget would be roughly $150-200 AUD used but that's stretching it.

I will be running the Line 6 POD HD into a Marshall 2x12. (And I want to run it into the PA live for gigs if possible)

Is something like this even a good idea?


I currently have a boss ME-70 which I can use the cab simulator to get a somewhat ok tone I'd use for practice until the line 6 comes in,
find a power amp in your price range that isn't way over your cab wattage rating. maybe one of the Aussie regulars can help you better

I wouldn't trust a $70 new power amp, look for a used Crown, QSC, Peavey or some brand with known reliability
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I don't think it would even be possible to wire it up?, doesn't look like it has any of the jacks required?
Quote by BoL7z
I don't think it would even be possible to wire it up?, doesn't look like it has any of the jacks required?

That isn't such an issue with rack gear as everything stays connected. You just need a couple of Jack to RCA leads subject to what the preceding unit is. A lot of rack gear uses ballanced XLR plugs.

Most power amps quote wattage into 4 ohm speakers first. They generally also run 8 ohm cabs but this halves the stated wattage. As most guitar orientated cabs are 8 ohms you will find the amps can be much quieter than you anticipated, based on the numbers.

Skytec have been making gear for years. It is cheap but then power amps aren't complicated.

I have a similar Skytec amp in one of my PA racks. I don't use it in my guitar rig as it has cooling fans which run continuously and annoyed the hell out of me.

My guitar rig currently has a Samson Servo 120a which is a pretty good transparent amp, with good safety features, 1U size and no fans, and a headphone out. It is as heavy as hell though.

6U is a good size. I have an 8U case in my collection and never use it. Loaded, it is too heavy and cumbersome and now is just used to store gear I'm not using. 6U is about as big as you want to go if you have to carry it up stairs etc. 4U is a nice mobile size as you can carry one in each hand.
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