Hey guys, I just put together a quick concoction of riffs and drums -- first time using Betamonkey Double Bass II loops -- the drums sound pretty real to me!

Anyway, this was originally meant to showcase my Black Winter pickups, so I didn't do any processing to the three guitar tracks, other than a little reverb on the whole mix. I intend to go back and add a bass guitar and actually EQ/compress the track to get a better mix. I don't know, this may end up being an intro to a longer song...

Let me know what you think!

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Yeah the mix is way muddy, but I understand since you didn't do that much post processing. As far as the riffs go, I like them. Nice death/black metal feel. There's not a huge amount to criticize here since this is just a clip, but I think it's a good start. And the drums sounded pretty good, at least they will when you make a better recording.

I'd look out for excess muddiness if you decide to make a proper mix, I feel like the guitars had hefty amounts of gain and low end that might end up blocking other instruments. Anyway, I'd like to hear these in a full song
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^^Thanks for the comments. I more or less made the clip to try out some real drum loops and showcase the Black Winter bridge pickup for someone that had asked on Sevenstring.org.

Since it's a short clip, it makes for a good "practice" track for production, since I'm still learning to optimize my sound. I definitely hear you on the "muddy" tone. Some of that is due to Soundcloud compression -- it sounds clearer in my DAW. But that's something I'll address first thing -- sculpt away some of the low-end on the guitars and add a bass guitar. I may end up doing away with the center guitar track and/or pan it right to around 60% and do another track on the left. That way there's more room for the bass in the center. I may EQ the drums to sit better as well.

I'll post back when I've tweaked this for the best sound (or the best of my ability, hehe).
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
(My Soundcloud page):

Pestilential Flood
Here is an updated version of the riff ideas. I added a bass guitar and EQ'd/used some compression everything to improve the mix as much as possible. (I duplicated the track so it plays twice and isn't so annoyingly short).

I'm mostly hoping to hear feedback about the mixing/mastering itself. This track is mainly my "practice" track so that when I record some of my full length songs I can go back and reference this one. There is still a little "mud" in this mix that I'm not sure how to get rid of. I think maybe I had the amp dialed for a little too much bass when I recorded the three tracks; I don't know. I did cut some of the bass on the guitars around the 130hz region, which seemed to help. Keep in mind, I'm not really going for a "modern" metal mix at all. I want it to be more of a mid-90s death metal/later 90s thicker black metal sound (not quite the early 90's tape-recorder live garage mix variety black metal -- but not overly polished either). Let me know how to get the most of this -- thanks, and enjoy:

Riffs that will grind your face off.

Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
(My Soundcloud page):

Pestilential Flood
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If you are double tracking pan one track far left and the other far right. Depending on how much bass is in your guitar tone you may have to make some significant EQ cuts.

I'm hearing what sounds like a lot of delay or reverb that is muddying up the mix. Are you running any effect on your guitar?

Use some compression on the bass to get it to have more definition. Mixing is a long journey but its a fun one. Keep it up!
^^There is a little reverb (post production). I didn't use any reverb pedals except for that little bit of single string tremelo picking on the last 10 seconds of the track.

As for panning, it is one track panned hard left, one hard right, and one in the middle. I'm gonna go back and cut the volume on the guitar tracks a bit. The drums and bass are getting drowned out.
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
(My Soundcloud page):

Pestilential Flood
I'd like to see your amp settings. I think you are using way too much gain that muddens your tone. The tone is "aggressive", but it seems like it lacks a lot of important mids and treble.

So, here's my tip:
->reduce gain
->dial some mids and treble