I am new with electric guitar and don't know much about gear nor sound.
Recently picked up a BOSS ME-33 multi-effects pedal. Most (if not all) of the presets suck.

I have zero experience with pedals. What I want to do is create a few basic patches for clean, rock, hard rock, and who know what.

Are there any ME-33 owners with good knowledge of the board? Does anyone have any recommendations for some sample patches that sound good. Even a good starting point would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

The manual is located here:
I have an old BOSS ME-30 and an ME-50 and a Digitech RP 250. I don't use either right now but I think both are all pretty good. You are right that the pre-sets suck. I don't know what stoned monkeys program them but I find the monkeys at Digitech are smoking the same stuff when they program their multi effects. I found the BOSS pedals very easy to program so all I can tell you is to sit down with manual and start with a good clean sound with no effects, just a good strong clean sound. Save that in your last user location and then use it to start all future patches so your volume are all relative to one another. Just decide what kind of sounds you want to create ahead of time to get started (I actually write them down) and where in the user numbers it would be most useful when playing.

As an example:
1-1 Clean sound with reverb.
1-2 Clean w/reverb, delay and more volume for solo/leads.
1-3 Mild distortion for crunchy rhythm + reverb.
1-4 Distortion, compressor, reverb and delay for solo/lead.

2-1 Clean with reverb.
2-2 Clean, chorus, compressor, reverb.
2-3 Mild distortion for crunchy rhythm (more than 1-3) + reverb and short delay.
2-4 Distortion, compressor, reverb, delay, mild flanger for solo/lead

That's just how I get started. You can create a patch and move it into any user location but I always try to think how this works best for me in a live playing situation. With this line up alone I can play almost anything and my patches are grouped in an orderly fashion so they are easy to remember and access quickly. If you create your patches with this kind of thinking you'll find you have a very workable live effects processor. The BOSS sounds are pretty good.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.