Very good, you obviously enjoyed playing it. Nice subtle vibrato in there too, I liked that.

From one foureyes to another... rock on young man.

Modern metal isn't my thing, I'm more your old classic rock type of guy, but I found myself watching the whole thing, you made it entertaining as well as informative. Well done.
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I appreciate all of the kind words! I plan on putting up some classic rock videos when I get some more time. I subbed to your channel, so I look forward to more new material from you!

Thanks again for taking the time to listen to my cover!
Old Guitar Dad said pretty much everything I wanted to say,damn you!

Anyways,a tight cover you have here. Liking the vibrato and your attitude,I hate it when people play like robots. I don't really care for A7X but it's always nice to see someone play well and with a feeling.

From one foureyes to another... rock on man!

My youtube isn't anything worth mentioning,but my Soundcloud has some of my own stuff:https://soundcloud.com/mrlinssi
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GuitarManiac110 -

Thanks for listening to my cover! I know a lot of people aren't as interested in Avenged, but their songs are a lot of fun to play. I appreciate the kind words, and I have subbed to your channel. I also added your soundcloud to my favorites so that I can check it out later.

Thanks again!