I put 2 songs in my music website: "Love What You Do" (quick and weird alternative song) is the song on top, and "What Are You Asking For?" (intentionally low tech & low polish, 4 track analog tape, punk song using vintage gear) is the next one down. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved. Here is the link:

i like the vai-esque solo on the first one. the vocals are weird and i don't really understand what you're going for there so i can't really comment on them. on the second one i think the guitar is out of tune on the intro... the vibe of the solo here is also nice. is the bass here entirely synth? it might improve the energy to use live bass but if you don't have a bass already i guess you gotta work with what you have. the mixing is on both good for the instrumentals but the vocals are too loud and there's too much reverb which makes them sound kind of like a cheap karaoke song, you know what i mean?
I had a feeling I would catch some flak for the "cheap" audio on "What You Are Asking For?" Since retro sound and audio seems fashionable lately (at times), I made a point of saying I'm using vintage gear (all from the 80's, from what I remember...actually the synth & drums are circa 1991). In my opinion, a lot of early punk from the late 70's and early 80's had this sort of audio, though I can understand if it is not your thing. I own an electric bass, and can play it; though I've been going through a synth bass phase lately. I mix with headphones that are slightly weak in the mid-frequencies, which may be why many think my vocals are too loud. Thank you for listening and commenting.
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Thanks for the review dude,here are my thoughts:

"Love what you do"

Really digging the instrumentation on this song,the solo is fantastic,the intro is my favorite section of the song. The vocals are...weird. And they're a bit too loud whereas the drums are too silent. Adding a real bass in the song would sound better to me,but I'm kinda old school in that matter anyways.

"What are you asking for?"

Well,it sounds really fuzzy and unpolished=oldschool punk done right. Now,punk isn't really my thing,but I like the song and I'd listen to it again...again...and again. The solo is really nice,reminded of some song in an old Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game. The vocals are,again,a bit too loud compared to the rest of the mix and they also have too much reverb.

Overall,some nice songs you have here! Even though I don't really listen to the kind of music you make I still find the songs quite enjoyable.
Not my type of music. It needs better production skills and a better singer.
Hi, aaron! Thanks for the crit! I can't say that 'What are you asking for" was my cup of joe. Love what you do was really cool though. Really cool and driving beat. The chorus is fucking bad ass, really cool vocals! I think this is the best song that I've heard from you. Really cool work!
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Hey Aaron - thank you for listening and commenting on my tune.

I checked out "What are you asking for" - a vintage/retro vibe rocker with some old school punk attributes to it. I think the "cheap" audio sound gives the tune some style. It was an enjoyable listen.

Really digging the synths on 'love what you do'. Feel like l've said this on another one of your songs, but i'm getting a talking heads vibe from your stuff. Mix is pretty good, only thing that could be improved is vocals: I feel like they stand out a bit too much (listening on monitors).

What are you asking for is cool, I like the music a lot but feel like (again) the vocals are standing out too much (also, a lot of reverb--it would probably work if they were mixed lower). I like the guitars though, getting a surf rock/punk vibe.

Checking out some of your other songs as well. Whats your setup? Are synths virtual or do you have hardware? I like it a lot, interesting ideas. I'll have to share with my brother, sounds like his kind of stuff.
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Thank you for listening & commenting! I appreciate it! My first synth (purchased in 1981) is a Sequential Circuits Pro-One, but it is rarely heard on my music website. It got unpleasantly noisy years ago and doesn't work with MIDI. Then I bought a Roland Juno 106, but it quit working long ago: it's heard on a few songs on my music website; maybe I'll get it fixed some day (they're still a popular synth with pros). Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas (synth rack module, still works) does the drums & synth bass for "What Are You Asking For?" My Korg TR-Rack (rack version of the Korg Trinity) still works: it's heard on some of my older tunes. But most of my tunes use synth plug-ins: mostly Arturia and u-he synths, though I own & demo a number of others. I use an old Korg DS-8 as a MIDI controller; I haven't used its mostly dated synth sounds in ages.
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First song, I enjoyed that. Just a guy making music he enjoys, rocking out. Can't hate. the only thing I was thinking is that the mix has muffled highs, like it has a blanket over it. "What are You Asking For?" the vocals were so much louder than the rest of the mix, and they had that heavy reverb. which was good for the solo but for the vocals I would dial back a tad
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Hey aaron aardvark,

Thanks for the listen and review.

The track "Love What You Do" is weird and has such an 80's vibe. The vocals are strange; almost comical. They are also too loud. The synths are dope though.

I am not a fan of the song as a whole, but I would listen to the instrumental.

"What Are You Asking For" is raw. Once again, the vocals are too loud. The guitar tone is nice and fuzzy; great for punk rock.

I like this one better.
Hi aaron, thanks for your feedback, it's certainly made me want to do more with the song.
I'm too tired to write out another critique tonight as it's 04:40 in the morning where I am, but I'm going to honour the C4C, don't worry, it will be some time tomorrow.
It's hard to find anything to help you constructively with "Love What You Do", mostly because, well, I love what you did! :P It's just a popping track with some real character, strangely revisiting the pre-90's in some odd Adam and the Ants meets Duran Duran mashup, yet coming out of the other end with something that to me sounds quite original. The vocal performance is of a style seemingly forgotten in today's music, it suits the era this song harkens back to.

I will say that "What Are You Asking For" is not my cup of tea, it's mostly the Punk thing, It's just never struck a chord with me as a genre on the whole. Having said that, I did find a part programmed Punk song an interesting concept. Either way I think you're doing a good job at what you're doing regardless of my personal taste.

Keep at it!
Hey Aaron, thanks for the crit!

"What are you Asking For?" had a great old school punk vibe, though I think that the vocals could be a little clearer. As for Love what you Do, I did like the synth and instrumentation, especially in the intro, though the percussion needed to be brought out a little as right now it seems a little rhythmically chaotic during the verses as the vocals drown out the drums which are underpinning the beat.
Generally all the music I've heard from you is very well done if you're going for a retro style, but I dunno, it's really not my type of music, your vocals have personality to them, the mixes sound old school but yeah sometimes the vocals stand out too much.

For the synths I can't comment as I have no idea about that, only use them sometimes for ambient fx

The guitar tones sound old school, but I am a hi-gain but still clear tone lover, so I can't say much about it either.

Your tracks have an old school vibe, they have personality to them meaning that I know it's you when I hear one of your tracks, that's good, but it's just not a type of music that I understand.
The music sounds really 'together' and mixed well but the vocals kind of just sit on top of the track. I preferred "Love What You Do", cool song and the vocal style/delivery suited the music. I wasn't fussed with the other tune though, interesting concept just not my kind of jam...
"What are you asking for" has a good feel and I get the lofi punk vibe but still I think you could get a better balance between the instruments. Specifically the guitar and vocals seem too loud. The vocal seems to have no compression because there is a big difference between the low and high volume during vocal performance. I think you could make these few tweaks without losing the lofi vibe. Its groovy, I like it
Hello Mr Aardvark,

Sorry its taken a while - for some reason the browser on my studio PC doesnt like soundclick so I had to get time to check your tracks on another system.

I agree with what Xevious said regarding "What are you asking or". The guitars and vocals are too high in the mix for me and kind of bite my ears a bit. The drum style also doesnt suit the the punky vibe of the track in my view.

"Love what you do" sounded much better to me (not just the polished style but the balance and feel too). he synth bass part sounded pretty cool.

Nice tracks as always man. Love the guitar solo in the first one in particular. Keep up the good work man!