Am looking at the Boss rv6 which is pretty expensive (my budget is around 100 euros but can stretch to 120) I hear a lot of things about the Hall of fame what do you think of it? Some people say all the modes sound the same. And the Digitech supernatural? I'd be ordering it on Thomann so here's my choice. http://www.thomann.de/gb/reverb_and_hall_effects.html

I'd use it as my main reverb keeping it on most of the time. With low decay time and I like some modulation on it.

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Hall of Fame....all the modes sound the same???

It's an awesome pedal. Everything from short, clean room reverb to spring reverb to massive cathedral ambiance. It sounds very different on every setting, and your lead tones sound different through various settings which is fun to explore. The modulated setting oscillates a little fast for my taste, but with the toneprint function and/or toneprint editor you can dial in a nice subtle chorus that sweetens your tone and adds chimeyness to taste. Currently I've got a toneprint loaded that utilizes the hidden "cathedral" mode and adds this massive, slowly modulated tri-chorus to the reverb tails. If you listen to the song in my signature, the middle clean/atmospheric section was all done with my Hall of Fame and Flashback combined. Most of that tone comes from the HOF though.
the t-rex ghost tone is quite nice- thomann exclusive and you can footswitch between the different modes which is quite handy (though finding settings that sound good for all the modes, as the knob settings stay the same for each mode, is kind of difficult ), though it doesn't have as many modes as things like the hall of fame (which i haven't tried).

the regular (now discontinued) hardwire reverb is nice but i haven't tried the supernatural. and i haven't tried the boss.
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I can attest that TC Electronics Hall of Fame is pretty solid and covers almost every need, on the other hand now I am using Joyo Space Verb (Ironman series), it is so small and versatile as well, I ended up using it all the time, for just a pinch of room reverb.
I like the Hall of Fame, and even the Line 6 M5, which does reverbs (and many other things) very well. I like classic reverbs as well as really long, soundscape-y ones that sound like you are in a cave 5 miles deep, though.
I also like classic Fender spring reverb sounds- both the M5 and Hall of Fame do that well.
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+ 1 for the Hall of Fame. Or the Trinity, its black brother. And also +1 for the combination of Flashback delay and Hall of Fame reverb, or in my case Flashback + Trinity
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