Hey guys im just putting this out here because im not too sure what the "best" pedal out there is for some really dark crunchy tones, but can still sound silky at the end of the day
What amp are you using?
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Well, the best bands in that genre (At the Gates and In Flames, IMO) used Boss HM-2s early on. But there were other factors at play too. Later on they used 5150s and their tone changed. It really depends on what exact tone you want, and what amp you have. Most distortion pedals sound like shit compared to a high-gain tube amp.
I'm a big fan of th MXR Fullbore Distortion. It definitely leans more Entombed-style buzzsaw but if you spend time tweaking it you can get a nice milky lead tone out of it. Your amp definitely affects your sound though.