Hi everyone,

I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Pro with push/pull volumes. They are the new ones with a PCB (printed circuit board) and the Molex connectors. When I went to add tone bleeds to them I had to stop and scratch my head as I am totally not sure how to connect them? I can't find anything on the internet about this and wondered if someone could tell me where to solder the tone bleeds to?

that would be tricky , you may have to take the entire board out if you're talking about the treble bleed mod to put the RC Circuits in to do the treble bleed. The most I do with those for customers is swap pickups, not to say I can't modify a board but people would rather see something new under the strings

I am getting a les paul custom in soon one of those with the piezo system , you may get lucky and be able to solder directly to the boards but honestly i wouldn't recommend it. I know a lot of engineers on the seymour duncan forum who can help you out.

by the way thanks for telling me the name of the connectors, i know how they worked but wasn't sure their name.
Haven't seen the Epiphone version but if it's like the Gibson PCB then it's exactly the same as on any other guitar, except that you might need to go from the wiper leads and not the little eyelet that's accessible on regular circuits. Just put the cap across the two wipers of the volume pots, or the wires or board eyelets if that's easier. The board looks different but the pots themselves are functionally identical and the mod is the same.

Posting a picture would be helpful if you're still stuck.
Thnaks for the replies peeps.

No sweat Tallwood13, I'm glad I could help. I went through living hell trying to find out what they were called and what PCBs were. Many, many, many internet searches.

I think you are right Roc8995, the pots are fundamentally the same in appearance and there is access available to the in and out terminals. I just wanted to see if there was anyone out there that was going to have a different method for attaching the treble bleeds as once PCBs come into play my brain goes into panic mode and I start wondering whether it is a more complex mod than it normally is.

After attaching them though I have lost a significant degree of swell in the volume both up and down. They literally now just go from loud to almost instantly dead when rolled back. Yes, there is a better treble frequency coming through but at the cost of having a decent range of volume? Hmmm...

Any thoughts? I used the Stewmac treble bleed recomendations btw.

I don't like the recent trend of adding a resistor to the treble bleed cap. It's a pointless addition, doubly so if you were fine with your pot sweep before. I have a suspicion that it's just something a lot of these modding sites do to sell you the "kit" because otherwise it would literally be one capacitor and the enormous markup would be too obvious.

Anyway, pull the resistor off and see if that helps you out.
Since when did Epiphone start using PCBs? I have a 2015 Les Paul Custom Pro and it is all just wires and pots in there.

Is it this year?
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