How are we supposed to know? We don't know what you play or if you even need a guitar, we don't know what genres you do, what budget you have, where you are located or even how big the shows you play are. Don't even know the kind of rig you run now.

You are asking a question that doesn't have a definitive answer. Especially with the complete lack of info you have provided.

You would probably also be better off getting your answers here:

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...It was just a question not so much aimed towards me but what is viewed as typical for the singer/guitarist.

I wanted a general consensus to see if the the opinion I have now is similar to anyone else...
When I was doing it I was using a complex rig, midi switching solid state preamp (Sansamp PSA-1) and single pedals, it was a bit too much tap dancing, so I then I took out the pedals for multifx unit (GT-10) that handled my preamp switching and my effects needs were programmed into patches. That simplified things a bit and kept it sonically complex as you need to fill more space with one guitar.
It really depends if you are a lead player, which I am. Some of the punk guys can happily handle a whole show with an amplifier on one setting.
Some of the bands I've seen with one guitar have had a stereo amp setup, one of my friends was running two Randall amps (whatever Pantera was using - can't remember the model), into 4 4x12 cabs, 2 full stacks on each side of the stage, that sounded massive.
It should be as complicated as they need it to be to perform the material.

If that means plugging straight into an amp, that's fine.

If it means a setup that makes the Edge's look straightforward, that's fine too(as long as they can manage it, and the singing).
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As complicated as it needs to be to have the music performed properly, with the best interest in mind. It almost entirely depends on the genre, methinks.

So for a pop band, the lead singer probably will not even need a guitar. Maybe a piano.

For an indie-rock band, guitar > tuner > overdrive > delay > reverb > amp is probably sufficient, presuming there is a separate lead player.

For a metal band, guitar > tuner > overdrive > amp.

For a shoegaze band, there is no such thing as sufficient.
It depends on the singer and their skill level. For example if the singer's vocals are the draw, meaning that the voice is the focus for the song, then the guitar/rig should not be very complicated. It should be designed to compliment the vocals without the vocalist sacrificing quality of the vocals. If the main draw is the guitar playing, which is the case for many metal bands, then the rig, and the guitar can be as complicated as it needs to be. For example, Alexi from Children of Bodom has been known to do vocals over a guitar solo simultaneously. While his guitar work (and pedal switching) is impressive, he is not doing a whole lot vocally. Also, keep in mind that professional bands may have a guitar tech doing all of the pedal switching for the singer/guitarist. Another thing to consider is that the vocalist can have the most complicated rig in the world if they only worry about pedal switching between verses rather than during verses.
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with or without a 2nd guitarist... just curious what the opinions would be

It really doesn't matter. There's no good answer to this question.