Hello! So yeah, I'm looking into starting to play bass as well as guitar, I don't know much about bass so if you could point out what would be good for beginners and such, that would be great. I mostly play punk.
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hey man I hope you have not bought yet. Check this out..... first I'll tell you I have been playing guitar and bass ( mainly bass ) for 25 years ( shit i feel old ) . I have owned over 20 basses. My current bass is awesome and cheap. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Dean/Zone-XM-Bass-Guitar.gc
Dean zone bass brand new 160 bucks at guitar center you might be able to find some deals on that even.

Bottom line is I despised dean. I went to guitar center to buy a different bass. When I played the bass I went to buy It played like a ten dollar toy guitar next to it was this dean bass. It plays like it should cost 499 599 in that range. Trust me you can't go wrong with this one but Rule one in buying any guitar or bass...... MAKE SURE YOU LIKE IT.

If you like the instrument you will be more inclined to pick it up than to set in the corner then closet then splinter it for fun.

check out the dean make sure to play it where ever you buy it to make sure it fits you and good luck.
Every person has his bass prefernce, but I'm going to be honest, every person I've known has dumped their Dean (including an acoustic one I owned) due to QA issues over time. They are notorious for QA problems out of the factory and usually need a good setup at the very least. They are inexpensive for a reason. And while I haven't played bass for a quarter decade, I've got a few years under my belt on top of over several decades on guitar.

I do agree with the above post in that you really need to set a budget and try everything in that range you can get your hands on. Also leave room in your budget for an amp and other assorted items. You need a bass amp--yes, an amp designed for your instrument. Yes, some people will say you can do double duty with a guitar amp, but I wouldn't take that risk myself. You can however do the reverse, use a bass amp for both guitar and bass--many blues players have done that for years.
sorry for the late reply, i guess i kind of missed out on your posts!
Anyways, I don't really have a set budget, but i'll definitely have a job over the summer.
I guess $500 for bass and amp is what i wouldn't go above of? I was looking at the stop dreaming start playing starter packs, they look pretty nice, the p bass ones at least.
I'm a dirty fuckin' punk / i sell myself for a beer
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the price for the BA210V2 and bass that deeptubes suggest would be an advantage over anything new in your price range. if you don't mind taking a shot, those are good choices.

guitar used stuff can be a bit of a crap shoot. you can get amazing deals or end up with gear that the store manager claimed was in great shape that doesn't work and has issues. still, going used means you can get a lot more bang for your buck, but always call the store first and talk to them and expect you may get a surprise.

if you want to go new, i'd suggest one of these basses - they are pretty good



and one of these
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Thank you all very much for the suggestions, i guess i'll just have to figure out what would fit me the best
I'm a dirty fuckin' punk / i sell myself for a beer
grab a used squier vintage modified jaguar, i got mine for $140.
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