A couple of friends and I are thinking about starting a noise rock project- Crucially there aren't any pesky guitarists around to spoil my fun, so I have a lot of headroom to fill.

Currently I'm running a EMG loaded Jazz bass through:
A Digitech Bass Whammy
A Dunlop Bass Wah
A Digitech Chorus
A Digitech XBD Bass Driver
An EHX Big Muff Deluxe

(The chorus and the XBD are only really on there because I've had them for years and I've been experimenting with them (the whammy and the chorus can produce some really weird organ-like sounds))

I have... Questions.

I've been listening to a lot of Deafheaven, Liturgy etc.- do you think I reverb would work well on bass with heavy distortion to make a wall of noise, or would that just become too messy?

I don't know if anyone's used a WMD Geiger Counter, but I want one... Deeply. However, it's £200+ and I'm not sure I can live with that. There's a Civilian Issue version for about half the price, but it's more limited and that's the kind of thing that would slowly nag in my brain. If anyone has one, I'd love to know if they're any good.

I'm pretty open to experimenting with a whole bunch of stuff. I've been looking at a lot of bitcrushers and ring-modulators, but if there are any other effects you think could sound awesome and unique on bass, suggest away.
Quote by Spaz91
Noisy bass without guitars? Get yourself an EHX Pog.

The Bass Whammy is basically a pitch shifter with a few bells on. I still kinda want one, god knows what unholy combination the two would create, but I've only got so much money and so many ports on my power supply.
I second the Pog. Also, I absolutely love the Q-Tron (also by EHX. Those guys are awesome). I got the Q-Tron+, which has its own effect loop. I put the Bass Big Muff into the Q-Tron's effect loop, and can dial in an amazing fat synth bass kind of tone.
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