Right now I've got a logitech 600 microphone. It's not very good or it's my audio card.
I'm looking to get something a bit nicer, suspension boom, a audio interface, and maybe a better mic down the line, as I've got a Samson R21S. Which sounds better, but I can only play through my marshall G15RCD, as my computer does sound better then the logitech 600. But there is still some static or something because I've got to preamp it thought my built in audio card.

Some of my questions are, is there something cheaper then a Focusrite Scarlett Solo?
My mic only has a xlr to 1/4" Would using the xlr interface on the scarlett solo be better? Will this interface become a device, that I could say, skype with? With almost 0 latency? (I would like to talk to my friends over team speak 3 and some games have built in voice)

You need an interface. Ideally one that has XLR mic input and built in preamp. Especially if you are going to upgrade your mic later.

The Logitech 600 is NOT ideal for music. It has a frequency response of 100 - 10,000Hz

Human hearing can range from 20-20,000Hz. Most bass and kick frequencies are around that 60-80 Hz range. Getting up higher that mic is going to cut out a whole lot of harmonics.

I'm one for making the most of what you've got so I would try to make the most of it's limitations.

the Samson R21S is a Dynamic mic and should be better, but it's a dynamic mic. You're going to need a preamp with some gain. Most interfaces have some built in preamps but they don't always give you enough gain to get the best out of a dynamic mic.

If you're considering a condenser mic in the future then you want an interface with phantom power.

Yes if you get an interface you should be able to use it as your computer's audio device and Skype with a mic connected to the interface. Latency is never 0 on Skype due to the fact that we can't travel faster than the speed of light and all. But the interface and drivers shouldn't introduce any noticeable latency. But I don't know that interface?

It depends what you want to achieve but if you are serious about getting quality audio into your computer an interface is usually the first place to start (provided you have something to plug into it).
So what are your goals here? To get nice recordings? Or just to have voice for skype?

If the first, get an audio interface as well as some mics. Mackie Onyx Blackjack, an SM57 and an SM58 are good places to start. Read the Intro to Recording sticky.

If the latter, I wouldn't worry about changing what you have.
Alright, so I took a look at it.
But first, how bad is my Samson mic? I've had a 2 headsets with mic that sounded awesome, but that was a different computer with a better audio chipset thing. (One was a turtle beach x11 I think it was over $50, maybe $80 then a cheap $12-15 logitech headset)

I'm trying to price this out a bit, but I don't think I can see myself spending more then $100 on a audio interface. I will need possible a xlr cable, audio interface, suspension boom, pop filter if there is room. Then hope the mic is decent.

I'm not sure if I would go to a sm58 or some sort of condenser microphone, in the future.
I don't know how close my mic will be to my face. It may be ~2ft away or if I could live with it in front of my face but still be able to look at my monitor.

Now to Audio Interfaces.
My requirements are 99% recording microphone, but would be nice to record some electric guitar... but then I might do that though the microphone. (Never tried to record guitar, mainly care about mic) This thing will probably be on all the time, or maybe I could leave it on for a weekend? As on them, my friend and I like to hang out and we play games over the internet. It will need to have no noticeable input lag.

I will need my games and OBS recording software to be able to use it. (for some reason I feel like a audio interface won't work like a regular 3.5 mic)

I'm conflicted on what audio interface to get. (This guitar, amp, audio stuff Is hard for me vs computer gear for some reason...)
Focusrite Scarlett series. Solo and iTrack Solo $100~ "some love, some hate"
Upcoming Behringer U-PHORIA series. $80~
Mackie Onyx Blackjack $100~

Edit: Also needs to work with windows 10
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About the Samson mic: It is $15 USD. Flag number one. It comes with a XLR to unbalanced 1/4 plug. Flag number two. If you want a dynamic mic for good recording quality, the SM57/58's are a good place to start.

If you are going to use the mic for both audio recording and skype/OBS, I would just get the SM58. The 57 and 58 are very similar mics, the main difference just being the grill and wind filter on the 58.

People like the Focusrite stuff and it is good if you know how to use it. I have seen the same "some love, some hate" comments but have not compared a Focusrite unit right beside my Mackie. I think a good portion of the issues people write about are from inexperience, or just there are more negative reports due to the mass number of units put out by Focusrite compared to other interface companies. I only have hands-on experience with the Mackie Onyx Blackjack, though. If you want to hear what I have done with it, check the link in my signature. But note I am using free audio/video software as well.

I would be very wary of anything Behringer. They make a lot of good products at price points lower than the competition. But there has to be a compromise somewhere, and often that compromise is in build quality.

For compatibility, most AI's should work with Windows 10, at least I would think so. I used 10 for a little while and the Mackie worked fine. I went back to 8 because a lot of my other apps did not work. For OBS, you should be able to adjust your audio ins and outs in the settings.
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