I replaced the strings that came with a guitar I got but haven't played in years. I also took all the pieces off the bridge to clean the dust out. The strings are pretty high off the fretboard, so I'm thinking I got a different gauge. It's a strat with a floating trem, how can I make sure the bridge height is set for the new gauge? Along with the string height?
If your string gage has changed to bigger diameter strings then they are pulling up on your tremolo making the strings higher, loosen the strings a bit, take the back cover off of the spring cavity, then you can tighted the screws that hold the spring claw, make minor adjustments then retune, if it is still too high then simply repeat the process making only minor adjustments on the claw screws until you can tune and the tremolo base plate is paralell to the guitar body.

There are videos on Yopu Tube to show you how!
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