Idk if I would call it jazz, but I like it. Solid production, sounds very nice on monitors. What are you using from drums?

Good song, had to play it twice. I like your bass tone, its got a nice bite.
Oooohhh this is very smooth! Not really jazzy I would say, a little bluesy, little bit of an alternative feel there. I like it a lot! The bass line was very crisp, and when the guitar came in caught me by surprise (which I loved). The playing is very clean, and overall I thought this could be something you might hear in the walking dead or something haha! There was a note at 1:05 that sounded out of place, I don't know if that was intended or not but I know it doesn't really fit well with the rest of the song. Overall, excellent track, maybe you could extend it into something longer.

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Thanks,November! Check your thread!

I didn't even notice the note at 1:05,shame on me. I guess I bended the note (on the bass) too far,which causes it to jump out from the mix,again shame on me. I made the track short on purpose,I just felt that it was "complete" and I didn't want to drag it out... Maybe someday,when I don't have any new ideas in my head I'll take a look at it again.
Hey GuitarManiac110,

Thanks for the listen. First, I really like the feel of the song; its very chill. The leads are very tasteful. The mix is clean and clear. Its need to be more open; its too focused in the center.

Overall, "Water Drops" is a nice, mellow instrumental. Its not "jazz."I really can't categorize it.
Hey GuitarManiac110 - Thank you for listening and giving feedback on my tune! I appreciate that.

Water Drops is a wonderful soothing short composition - the clarity of the playing is excellent. The ambiance starting around 1:00 is pleasant and adds a new level of variety in the song. I wouldn't consider this jazz (since I listen to a lot of it), but there are elements in it around 1:05, 1:12-1:13 and 1:19-1:20 where there is a contrast in the overall key signature which is probably my favourite part about this track. If there was more 'swing' in the tempo instead of straight 4/4 timing, it would definitely shift towards the jazz realm.

Overall, water drops is sweet on its own. I would be curious to see this track expanded on.

Sounds good but having it so short feels like a waste of the concept. Flesh it out some, dude.

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