Just want some general advise about selling electrical guitar and about packaging? , where to sell ? and any other help. First off the guitar cost £900.00p and has only been used at home a few times, Its been kept in the case nearly all the other time , It was a gift from my gf last year but I am so use to playing my les paul for over 20 years I just couldn't get that feeling of the new guitar, Now the guitar sounds great and it is very well built how much should I expect to get for it ?
Unless you tell us make and model, how could we even speculate?
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Check completed listings on eBay for a good idea of what they tend to sell for. We can't help you with resale value if you don't tell us what the guitar is.

Online classifieds like craigslist, kijiji, ebay, reverb, etc. are good.

Packaging for shipping - I pick up a box at a local guitar shop, they'll usually have a few lying around. Guitar goes in the case or gig bag, pack that snugly with newspaper into the larger shipping box. Guitars with fragile necks (Gibson types) should ideally be in a hard case, and it doesn't hurt to pack the neck and body (not the headstock!) with some extra padding so that the guitar doesn't move within the case. The goal is for the headstock to "float" so it doesn't ever touch the sides of the case. That way if the box gets dropped the shock hits the well-cushioned solid body and not the fragile headstock.
60% to 70% of what you paid for it new.
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oh sorry forgot to say ! ESP LTD Limited Edition 40th Anniversary MH-2015. I have the receipt of purchase all original packaging its basically like new.
Reverb.com has a database that tracks what particular models have sold for on their site. Check there.
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^I was going to say this, also check out completed (sold) eBay listings for another measure.
Also, and I am probably sure you are aware, just because it is new to you don't expect someone to pay close to those prices. I hear people all the time talk about their guitar being pretty much new or the like, but it is still a used piece of gear so don't expect top dollar or even close to new pricing. My local CL has been full of people thinking their used gear is worth the same as an actual new piece of gear.
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