Hello everyone,
I'm going to buy an amp to use most of the time at home but in the future maybe in a small café or somewhere with 100-200 people in it, I can use it with Acoustic Guitar too, even though amps below are not acoustic amps, I don't have enough money to buy both acoustic and electric guitar amps. So I have selected 3 amps but couldn't decide what to buy. I'm open to any other suggestions.

1. Orange Crush RT35
2. Vox Valvetronix+ V20+ (Hybrid)
3. Orange Crush RT20

1 & 2 are almost the same price but the third one, which is a 20watt amp, is ofcourse cheaper. I should say, I'm not trying to get any bands' tone with it, I just want to plug it in then have some fun with it. Mostly with clean channel. As I researched from the internet no one said s negative thing about the Oranges, but I have seen a few negative comments on Vox. But still I don't know what to pick. Could you please help me? What should I do?

P.S.: I don't have any pedals yet, maybe I could get one or two pedals within this year...
Well, you don't necessarily need an acoustic amp, most electric-acoustic can be plugged straight into a PA or an audio interface.

About the amps, I have no personal experience with them, but I've heard that the Oranges are not that good. I wouldn't really get any of those, if you just want a nice amp to play around with with good cleans, you could just get a Fender Mustang or something along those lines. And if you're bent on those amps, I'd probably take the Vox, though I'm sure other people will have their own opinions.
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I owned the RT 35 until it exploded in my truck (I slammed on the brakes and it went for a ride). Can't hold that against the amp.

Look as far as sound goes, it was a nice little practice amp with some decent reverb settings; again, I considered this a practice amp and never intended to gig with it.
I would think most music stores that carry Orange will likely have one or both of the models listed so I would say try them out. The only reason I bought the RT35 is it was cheap and light, perfect bedroom amp.
whats your budget? none of those would be ideal in your situation.
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Thanks for the reply but like I said I didn't see any bad comments/reviews on those Oranges. And looked to Fender Mustang, it seems like it doesn't sound better than those Amps. Also the negative reviews.

Unfortunately I can't go to a music store to try them out. Must buy them online... Like I said I will be using it in the home for practice mostly. So I can say we're in the same situation. Thanks.

At max it's 270USD (Crush RT35's price). But the real problem is that I'm not going to buy it on Amazon or E-Bay. I'll buy it from the distrubitor in my country (Turkey) therefore they don't have all the models. But if you recommend something, I can look up to. And if you want to look at the store that I'm gonna buy here's the link. (link )
I had the Vox VT15 (predecessor to the VT20) and I was pretty happy with it. I think it will do what you're looking for. I used it to play in Church which is about 100 people.

For your budget I'd see if I could find a used Fender Super Champ X2 (Usually around $250). That's what I upgraded too and I'm much happier with the tone. It also has a wide variety of usable voices and and effects (Even more if you plug it in to your computer and use the Fender Fuse Software).

Edit: I just realized your note about not being able to buy it on Ebay. The Super Champ sells new for $380 so if you can save a little more it would be worth the upgrade from the models that you listed.
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Peavey Vypyr VIP's are actually designed for both electric and acoustic guitars (and bass!).

Might be worth looking into.
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If you can find a Peavey Vypyr VIP 2, that'd be ideal for you. And you won't need any pedals for it.
Yeah the VIP is pretty much catered to your needs
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My country take taxes + shipping. Price goes over 350 dollars. :/

Well, it's the age-old dilemma. Either spend a bit more and get something that will do everything you need, or spend less and get a lesser product.

Money or Utility, which is more important?

Your choice.
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin