I have recently switched from apple to windows and frustrated there is not a stand alone app for PC (surface 3). In the past I was able to use UG offline on my apple and jump from favorite to favorite with no issue. Now that there is no stand alone I am often stuck at band practice waiting on a crappy internet connection to use UG. I remember on apple I was able to build a playlist of songs I would use so I was not having to search thru my favorites.

1) will the be a stand alone app for PC any time soon
2)Is there a way to build a play list on the pc version?

I really want to pay for all the extras that I had on apple, but cannot see spending the $ for an inferior product.
I assume you switched from an iPad to a Surface? It's not that UG is trying to ignore users but MS hasn't exactly shown 3'rd parties that its app store is going to be a worthwhile place to sell apps. Developing for Microsoft devices is far more expensive than other platforms since there's potentially an infinite number of hardware configurations you'd have to support since it's not just MS making Windows devices. Worse yet, Windows 10 has yet to take over other older versions of Windows and it's already running into resistance, and the devices that take advantage of the app store- the touch screen devices- only make up a fraction of the Windows 10 machines. Microsoft didn't really get the whole touch-screen thing down until the market was saturated, other companies' sales had plateaued and touch screens were no longer novel. And still (yes more bad news) because of the way Windows is setup as a traditional computer and as a touch device there isn't any real assurance for developers that if they have a successful app they won't immediately be copied by thousands of knockoffs that can be downloaded for free outside the MS controlled app store. On an iPad, everything has to go through the app store unless it's jailbroken. MS has no control over that and hasn't really shown any indication that it can keep that from happening.

So, in a nutshell, don't look for 3'rd party apps to come flooding into the MS app store. It may take a few years before market share improves to the point that it makes sense for third parties to spend thousands of dollars developing an app for that ecosystem. If the UG app is a must-have for you then you may want to switch back for the time being.