I don’t usually write reviews or endorse products, but sometimes something comes along that is just so useful that it would be stupid of me NOT to inform as many guitarists and musicians about it as I can. I found this great ear training app that you can load on to your phone, allowing you to practice ear training on the go!

Many of us struggle in our day to day endeavors when it comes to managing our free time. We all have responsibilities from work to family to keeping that homeless guy from using your backyard grill. All of this takes time and energy and in most cases doesn’t leave us with much energy after work, the kids are in bed, and that homeless guy got tired of getting shot with your Airsoft gun.

Awhile back I wrote a very Zen article on organizing your practice time. One of the things I didn’t address is how to utilize all those gaps throughout your day. You know… the ones where you are sitting, WAITING for something or someone and there is not much you can do about it. How much time have you wasted sitting on a bus, a plane, or waiting for your co-worker to get done using the bathroom as he suffers through the consequences of a night of wings and beer?

Piling on ALL of our extra-curricular activities in one two or three hour time span at the end of the day can be rough. I doubt any of us will argue on creative ways to utilize that time where you are just STUCK without much to do.

eartrainerbannerMost of us own a smart phone these days and I found the perfect app to compliment your training as a guitar player and musician. It’s an ear training app called Perfect Ear Pro. (This is an Android app, but iPhone users should be able to find something similar). This ear trainer lets your practice everything from identifying intervals, chords, scales and EVEN singing! The great thing about it is each trainer is divided up into numerous exercises, each one around 10 examples long that are completely randomized. Each exercise has a description of exactly what you will be practicing and how. You will never have to worry about running out of examples to practice since each challenge won’t be the same. You can even create your own exercises. The best part? Its on your phone: that thing that is surgically attached to most us at this point. Ear training is deceptively simple to practice with an Android app like this, you don’t even need your guitar.

eartrainerappEar training is that most often ignored aspect of guitar training, especially in this day and age of tablature and the internet. This paint-by-numbers approach is useful, but it hardly teaches you about the notes and their relationship to one another. Ear training is a skill that can be a ‘slow burn’, taking a long time to really come into fruition… but when it does the benefits FAR out weigh the struggle it takes to get there. Ear training will:

Allow you to figure out ANY song just by HEARING it
Allow you to construct the melodies and riffs you hear in your head without and kind of ‘hunting and pecking’
Improve your singing ability and allow you to sing in tune
You will know how to harmonize ANYTHING just by listening, which will also allow you to orchestrate songs for multiple instruments without having to play those instruments.
Open your creative freedom and allow to fully express yourself on the guitar without being confined to ‘learned’ patterns and licks.
Allows you to transcend from just a guitarist into the realm of musician.
Now next time you are stuck in gridlocked traffic you can make some use of that time and get in some ear training.

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