Hey guys,

I have known this site since I started guitar playing around 7 years ago. As all, I used this site to download my favorite tabs from metal bands. I was intrugued by the possiblity of Guitar Pro to actually see all those notes they were playing. But my lack of talent withhold me from actually playing those songs myself. More and more I became interested writing songs that I couldn't play myself.

Over the years my taste has evolved from instrumental music to electronic music. I still use Guitar Pro to write my songs and I see this midi sound it produces as fullworthy electronic music. As Dj I use these songs in my sets.

I thought it would be interesting to go back to where it all began for me and find out what you guys think.
Unholy running down town; 250bpm.gp5
Unholy running down town; 250bpm.gp4
Unholy running down town; 250bpm.mid
try icompositions, it is quite open to all styles

setup your own artist page, add music, blogs, vids, lyrics

lots of individual artists and collaborators sharing ideas, info, midi, etc.

no complete songs on my page, just lots of experimentations.
Dear god... The regressiveness... Please... No more...
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