Okay, so this is a thread going out to all of you guys and gals who tab out songs. Now, I've been playing and using this site for a few years, but my ears aren't sharp enough to be able to tab out songs. For those of you whom are good at this sort of thing and enjoy ding so, I have a request, friends. There's a band that I've been listening to for a few years and they have a pretty decent-ish following, so hopefully this'll kill a few birds with one or two stones. The band is From Under The Willow. They have two albums out(Outlaws and Ungreatful ) and are steadily getting bigger, and as a person who's been a fan since I saw an ad for their Debut album, Outlaws, in an issue of AP mag in 2013, it's pretty exciting. Hopefully, this will reach all of you and catch the attention of all you talented and music-loving men and women.