I'm talking about the intro, and more specifically:


Or am i looking at the wrong tabs? I just can't seem to get that right. I'm trying to barre chord that B-minor of course, then moving one fret up, fret D with my pinky, and then move back to a barrechord. But it sounds like shit I also tried fretting the G5 powerchord style, but of course it sounds strange and not flowing at all.
I've never learned that Intro piece, but I would barre, then move up and essentially play a power chord with my first and third, and then back to a barre. It may take time to do it cleanly.

Edit: where exactly in the recording is this part?
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Yeah, the tab was no good. Looked up an youtube tutorial and it goes like this (learned it pretty quick when saw how it's really done):


@esky: It's right in the beginning, the fading in part, comes again when it loops.

Edit: I don't know is that 100% correct, but sounds fine to me.
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