Hey guys. So I got my first electric guitar this week after about 4 years with an acoustic. It's just a cheap Squire Strat.

This guy:

Anyway, I know hardly anything about setup or the neck etc. but when I play the b string, it has a sort of gloss over it. I'm talking about unplugged. It's as if I'm picking where the strings come out (don't know what that's called). I noticed on the high E when I play from, frets 16 up the sound doesn't come through unless I bend.

I'm not really around other musicians that much so a lot of this is new to me, but on the whole I find that the bottom 3 strings ring through like they would on the acoustic, but my B is a bit odd. Is this normal? Is it a case of changing strings/setup? I might post a video of it tomorrow when I get the chance.

Thanks in advance.
It is an electric guitar. Plugging into an amp is the only way to judge it.

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
If you still use factory strings, change them. If it's still the issue, I'd point my finger at the saddle. Might be a bit crunchy sawed.