Basically are these any good? As the first active pickups i've had i really have no way to compare them to anything. My schecter c-1 fr came with these and i am wondering if anyone has an opinion on them compared to say blackouts or emgs.
They are basically the non-USA version of Blackouts. Many have tried them side by side with Blackouts and they are about even. There are probably some soundclips and videos out there of the HB-105s and Blackouts to compare it with.
Given that the way Duncan Designed pickups claim to be based on Duncans and are in reality constructed in a way that has little resemblance to actual Duncans, I would have no idea.
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I also have a set of hb-105 that came stock with my schecter and have been recently wondering about changing to the real blackouts and based on what I've been reading there's a real difference between the duncans and the real thing. Less noise, more definition, more articulation, tighter response. But that's only based on reading, haven't really tried them side by side
The way I look at it is this... do you like how they sound or not?

What amp are you running? What speaker(s)?

Your guitar is a nice mid-level model (a proper gigging instrument in my opinion) and could probably benefit in the long run from a pickup swap. The ones you have now are more than adequate for the time being though. If you don't have a nicer amp, then a pickup swap in my opinion wouldn't be a top priority. Getting the other pieces in place make a bigger difference in the long run. Pickups are the cherry on top of the sundae.
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I have them on my BC Rich NJ Warlock, I think, if it's the Korean version of the Blackouts. They sound great on a Peavey Vypyr VIP 2, but that's probably got to do with the amp more than the pickups. My Jackson Warrior in comparison has EMG 81/85. I can't really say that DDs are noticeably inferior. But then I've never tried the US Blackouts. I've found the DDs to be very light in weight compared to the EMGs, and don't use any fancy wiring/connector, just one long wire soldered to everything in the cavity. I'm also constantly considered getting the SDs but when I'm playing the guitar, I just can't think of a reason why.