Does anyone know of any android apps that let you write your own tabs. I want one that will display like UG.

Or if you don't know of an app for that what do people use to write the tabs for UG
I do not think whether you can benefit of this or not. Though, I would like to recommend to discuss writing songs with some creative writers or lyricists. I don't think an app could help you to that extent. It needs to be creative and literature. Obviously, I did not hear any app for the purpose yet, and there maybe.
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I wish I knew more about these programs, but all I know is Guitar Pro. I still use GP5, but of course it has upgraded, so you may want to research into those if you haven't already.

Personally, I love the program, but I'm sure there's better.
I think Noteflight has an android app. I'm not sure how user-friendly it is on that platform, but Noteflight lets you write music and play it back. The default setting is sheet music, but its really easy to change it to guitar/bass tabs.
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