Okay so I've been playing guitar on 7 years now and the last 6 months I've been getting back in to the acoustic in particular. I consider myself quite decent at acoustic and my percussive technique is not too bad, however, it's really bothering me that for the life of me I can't grasp the concept of how to chuck and play a note at the same time..

An example of what I mean would basically be the entirety of this video:


he has that constant percussion going, but how does he continue to play a note while doing that. If anyone knows of a good lesson on this specifically that would be really really appreciated.

Thanks in advance
For most of that he's hitting the guitar in between notes. When he hits the guitar and plays a note at the same time he's basically strumming with the back of his nails as he moves his hand down for the percussive thing.
I learnt to do this. I'm still not great at it but I'm not too bad. Took me quite while though. Basically slap the bass string with your thumb (usually this in one of the top 3 strings) and hit the higher string(s) at the same time with the back of your fingernails.

Sounds way easier than it is. What helped me was to start playing the notes with the back of my fingernails first until I was comfortable doing that, and then slowly work the thumb slap in at the same time. It's a bitch though, and it will feel real awkward to begin with and if you're anything like me you'll find yourself hitting the higher strings with far too much force.
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The easiest way (and really the only consistent way) is to kind of a strum with the back of your nails as your thumb lands on the bottom string, by opening your hand. Andy Mckee made a nice little explanation here:
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