Long post of typical D2BII rambling incoming.....

I dunno why I decided to go about doing this. Maybe it's because I get off on the idea of being the first person to actually go ahead and transcribe songs that are either obscure or just listened to for the lyrics and the beats behind them.

Ever since I first started to get serious with guitar, I was transcribing. It wasn't really a conscious effort to do so. Although most experienced players will tell you that transcribing is an essential skill, I didn't get into transcribing music just to develop my ear for music. I really got into it as a matter of necessity. By the time I was trying to develop my technical skills, I was listening to relatively obscure Japanese metal acts that were far beyond my technical abilities. Unfortunately, there were no tabs for them anywhere. I said: "**** it, I'm gonna make my own goddamn tabs."

My transcriptions back then were pretty rough. I wish I could show you guys--I'd probably put them in this thread if I didn't lose all of those files. I'm sure that quite a bit of them were like at least 35% inaccurate, but it really didn't even matter. By transcribing, I was directly training my ear, and I was indirectly learning about phrasing and "colors."

Back then, I exclusively transcribed metal--or genres with metal influences. I probably made like 5 complete transcriptions altogether, which I often did in between trying to make my own songs. I was big into Onmyouza (I tried to transcribe Mukuro and Dodomeki lol). I tried to transcribe Moonshade and High-Stream by Hidenori Tamura (aka Hellman). When I got into Greg Howe, I tabbed out my own version of Child's Play.

As proud as I was of those transcriptions when I made them years back, I'm sure that I'd be able to do a better job with them today.

These days, however, I tend to draw inspiration from a much wider range of music than I did when I was really focusing on guitar. Back then, most (all) of my playing influences were derived from guitar-driven music. I've always liked listening to different genres of music, but before--I never really tried to analyze what was going on in those genres.

TLDR: Here are some transcriptions of three songs from three completely different genres. None of them have guitars in them, and to my understanding--these are the only transcriptions that exist.

Also, I have some notes typed into the tracks. Only a couple of jokes here and there--but I added some notes that might give you guys a better idea of my psyche as a musical weirdo.
Misc. Transcriptions.gp5
a rap beat, game music, and whatever that last one is haha extremely obscure of course. never heard any of this music before though

the tekken 4 part chills me out, i can see why you dig it haha although i wouldve used something other than an acoustic guitar for the leads (a lot of them are slight variations of saw waves). also maybe space out the delay tracks a little

granted its hard to emulate things on GP, but i think a lot of the tracks could/should be replaced with other things (like replacing the acoustic tracks in the 3rd song with strings and other things)

musically though, the transcriptions are fairly accurate, and quite nice. good work man!

when you get the chance, i need help with a transition for this song
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The GP file converted the leads to acoustic guitars? Hmm... That shouldn't have happened. Are you using Tux Guitar? For the most part, the instruments should be synths or "unusual" instruments like the marimba or vibraphone. I changed the "base" instruments to acoustic guitars to help with the editing (especially in the case of track 2--the FX 2 Soundtrack is hard to deal with since it automatically shifts the pitch).
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Are you using Tux Guitar?

Tux Guitar is poop, be a man and start using GP5
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