Been lying in the dark for days
Just listening to the rain
Watching the whole damn county wash away
A tree fell in the yard
Almost landed on the car
Ain't nowhere to go here anyway

And I know the flood is on it's way

I've been sleeping alone for years
Since you left me standing here
Heartache jumps in front and grabs the wheel
It's been one hell of a ride
Since you made me sell my pride
And weather every storm as if it's real

But I know the flood is hard to feel

Sometimes all it takes is a turn of phrase
A single world could pull me underneath the waves
Watch the water rise a little more
And carry this old home we made away

'Cause I know the flood is here to stay

How long until that summer night
All in the world seems right
We've chosen to believe we've seen the light
When nothing's remained the same
We've both found new games to play
Light years away living different lies

But somehow the flood is hard to find
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