I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these pickups? I was visiting a store that was 4 hours away yesterday and noticed that they had them in stock so i bought them. They are a rare find in my part of Canada. So once i pulled all my old pots and pickups out I notice that the new ones are the short shaft pots. They are going in a les paul so i need the long ones. And then when i looked closer the pickups are two different finishes. My bridge is black chrome and my neck is regular chrome. I couldn't really find any info on what size of pots are supposed to come with them any i am pretty sure they are supposed to be a matching set. What should i do?
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Where about in Canada? I just got a long shaft wiring kit and need regular shaft. I'm in Ontario. Trade?
I have a set of them, when I ordered mine I could choose long or short pot and they're supposed to be the same colour.
Looks like you have a four hour drive to make
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I could drive four hours to return them but it was their last set and it would take Them At least another month before they would get replacements in. Would I be better contacting emg? I sent an email but no reply yet.
Sounds kind of weird that they were different colours, they were probably display models and the lads just said fuck it lets sell these as a set.
I would bring them/post them back at the shops expense, you shouldn't let them do shit like that.
That is the same sticker on the box i got. Looks like i get a chrome neck pickup by accident
They were bought at a long and mcquade. Should i just go through emg or try where they were purchased?
Ok, after inspecting everything that came with these pickups I am very disappointed. The short shaft pots were a let down Although that isn't totally their fault. The mismatched pickips are a mistake on their part and also I now see that I have 4 connect cables and no output cable. Is this kind of bullshit normal with emg or did I just get a bad batch?
Bring them back to the shop and get your money back.
This is not between you and EMG.
EMG supplies the store where you bought them so it's between them.
Just bring them back (call the store first so you don't drive 4 hours for nothing) to the store and order them from the internet exactly the package you need.