Over the past few years, my mom has been telling me a story. Every time it's brought up, she starts at the beginning and works her way up to the new details. She loves talking about it. Today, I feel like it's reached the conclusion and would like to type it all out, for posterity. This is the story of Eduardo.

I'm not sure where Eduardo was born, but I know his parents were born in Mexico, near the US border. For whatever reason, they chose to immigrate to America illegally. There are millions like them but I doubt there is even one person comparable to Eduardo.

Before I go on, let me explain the connection I have to this. My mom calls Eduardo's mom Doña Marta. I'm not sure if the 'Doña' is a respectful title or if that's actually part of her name, but it's not that important. Doña Marta worked for us in various ways. She cleaned our house, she helped out with our restaurant, and I think she babysat too. She found a more lucrative job since then and doesn't do that kinda thing anymore, but she's still not rolling in dough. She still has to rely on her new husband.

What happened to the old husband? Well, they split back when Eduardo was around 5. No details on why, but in the aftermath, Doña Marta remarried and had kids, while Eduardo and his older sister Maria stayed with his father. The father never found steady work in America. Odd jobs here and there, the Home Depot circuit, attempts to flip cheap cars, never anything that would bring them above the poverty line. This was their life until one fateful traffic violation. One cop who wouldn't look the other way when he knew the driver was an illegal. One deportation.

This next part, is pretty hard to believe. I kinda hated hearing this story, because me and Eduardo are similar ages and my mom just goes on and on about this. But whatever, I got humbled by Eduardo's struggle.

The kids stayed in America. Alone. Whatever happened to his father in Mexico, is not something I know. Whoever handles deportation literally left a 15 year old girl and a 10 year old boy in a house with no income. Doña Marta could not take them in because her new husband wouldn't allow it. He would kick them out if they came to their house, and Doña Marta could only see them in secret. He would not allow her to feed them. His and her income is just enough for their family, not these bastard children. I have never met this guy, but I cannot believe someone could be so cruel.

With neither their mother or father, Maria and Eduardo had to survive. Maria dropped out of school and started working. She handled rent, and whatever was left was used for food. There was not a lot left. If you see Eduardo, you'd immediately notice his height. His stunted growth a sad reminder of days when he couldn't afford to eat. At this time, his mom was working in our restaurant and he would come in sometimes. He would say "no thank you" when offered food. Regardless, we would give him a plate.

For years, Eduardo lived like this. At the most extreme point he passed out from hunger at school. What was he thinking during all this? What was he feeling? I was probably playing my Xbox 360 and eating chips while this guy was going through this.

The high school he went to is in one of the worst parts of town. I worked a night shift at a grocery store a few blocks from there, and the very first night a new guy came in his car speakers were stolen. You'd see alcoholics and junkies loitering here and there. It was a filthy area.

But despite all this, Eduardo was a model student. He grew passionate about the robotics club they had. The robotics club is well known because in 2004 they beat MIT in a national competition; a movie was made about it starring George Lopez. I loathed hearing about this the most. Eduardo and his goddamn robots were brought up all the time when I was younger. No mom, my school does not have a robotics club! Leave me alone! Doña Marta was very proud of her son and she would often tell my mom about it. My mom was too eager to hear (and too eager to tell !)

The story wraps up nicely here. Eduardo got a full ride scholarship to MIT, studied engineering, and recently got a job "paying $200 an hour". Doña Marta is planning to leave her abusive husband with financial support from her son.

Feels good, doesn't it?

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that is a very nice story, I'm very happy for him Robots are amazing
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It took years?

that's what I was thinking. I was expecting a fucking novel.

good for him though, he sounds like an awesome guy
Wait, so Eduardo is actually George Lopez?

And by that I mean the character George Lopez in The George Lopez Show played by George Lopez but not based on George Lopez because it's actually based on Eduardo rather than George Lopez.
is Doña Marta fit
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I live in south Texas, and I see impoverished immigrants daily. I'm glad for Eduardo, but sad for the vast majority.
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