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I am fairly new to contributing to UG content and getting approved tabs/chords posted. So please bare with me if I state/ask things that are commonly understood.

My problem is that I have a chord chart already approved, but as it was being approved I was editing it simultaneously. When I went to save the changes, boom, everything went immediately back to the original approved submission.

This is aggravating because I had invested time into tabbing the solo to the song and the simple outro.

I then decided to quickly create another submission, under the same artist and song title and try to get that approved. Since I had just transcribed it, and it was still fresh in my head, it was not hard to redo the whole thing.

I completed it, checked for errors, made necessary corrections, and completed it in the formatting I had wanted. Clicked submit, and once again, boom, it vanished into thin air and brought me directly back to the original submission.

I have seriously restrained myself from using foul language, and have successfully done so. I hope its understood that I am very aggravated with this problem and wish I can get back what I had put into this effort.

Here is the approved chord chart:

I do understand that I can access the history portion/versions of the chart/tab, but do not understand how to create a new version/different history portion. That might be the solution to the problem, and I should be able to find that in the forums. But since of my aggravated state I do not have the patience at the moment to read into that.

Garrett McTaggart
Not sure if this is the info that you need but if you view your tab on the site (right from the link you gave) at the top right there should be two buttons. One that says edit and below it one that says unregister. If you click on edit, it should take you to the editing feature on your "My Contributions" page where you can make the changes you want and click on Save at the bottom.

You can also get there from the approval queue and go to "My Contributions" at the top, then Edit.

Also from your profile "My Contributions". So there should be a few ways to get to the page you are wanting.

But once you edit you have to click save, which should appear as a green button at the bottom.
You're not allowed to make a submission of the same song and type. Edit from the wiki page for your submission.

As previously stated, either:
- go to the song's tab page and click "edit" on the top right, or
- go to the My Contributions tab in the queue, find your song, and click "edit".
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