Okay just a quick question. I need the best flanger (or chorus-flange) pedal possible for $35 dollars or lower. I know it isn't the greatest idea to be gear this cheap, but I need to know this. So just in a reply, tell me the BEST flanger (or chorus/flange) you can think of for $35 dollars or less.

Also NO USED PEDALS. This isn't for myself it's for research purposes.
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not used and $35 is asking way to much. for a little more you might be able to find something from Mooer or one of the other chinese knock off pedal makers. never tried any of them but perhaps someone here has. best thing to tell them is they need to spend more money if they actually want something that is reasonably good.
Danelectro FAB chorus because it's literally one of the only options by default. Used gets you into Boss and Digitech/Hardwire territory.

EDIT: As mentioned below, Joyo too.
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could you elaborate on why used isn't an option?

at your price new, it isn't just going to kill your tone, it will be unreliable.
+1 for the FAB Chorus.

I've also heard good things about the Joyo Classic Flanger but I don't have any personal experience with it.
I've began building my dream big pedal board and to fill in gaps I ordered joyo pedals and will slowly upgrade as needed and got to say I'm impressed with the joyo pedals. I'm not saying they're as good as the great pedals but for under 40 bucks I was suprised.