In case you were wondering that is a guns n roses reference in the title. Anyways I'm realtively new to the guitar and have been "learning" for about 5 months now. That mostly just consisted of learning a few basic chords and learning tabs to my favorite songs. I have played trombone for 7 years and know a lot of musical concepts, so I'm just wondering where can I go with my guitar playing besides just playing tabs. Thanks for the help.
Figure out songs that you like on guitar by ear. Compose your own music. Learn more guitar techniques (there are many) and how to apply them.

It will all depend on what your ultimate goals on the guitar are to guide your direction of what to learn next.
Learning to improvise is one of the first things that comes to mind.
Scales, scales, scales.
Don't just learn to play chords, learn to build them, learn what notes go into what chords and why. May seem unnecessary at first, but in the long run it is incredibly important for writing and soloing.
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Ear training is vitally important in guitar, especially at the early stages. A good first milestone is to be able to aurally discern the difference between a major and a minor chord being played on a given song when you listen to it. Also to be able to aurally begin to hear the chord changes on commonly used progressions such as I - IV - V. This will go a long way toward developing you basic skills.
I suggest learning to play on your own. Tabs and charts are fine to get going but at some point you need to take off the training wheels and do it yourself. No tabs, no chord charts no "How to play........." on YouTube. You obviously have some technique and know how to play physically now you need to work on the mental part and learn to do it all without someone else's tabs or charts. Good luck.
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Join a band.

You obviously want to play music, right? So just continue playing music. Play songs that you like. As others have said, learn songs by ear, don't rely 100% on tabs. I'm sure you already have a pretty good ear because of your trombone playing experience. So that shouldn't be too hard - just start doing it.
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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If you're self-taught (in which case, having played another instrument for 7 years is going to help a lot) I would suggest Justin Sandercoe's Beginner and Intermediate methods from justinguitar.com.

It's very comprehensible and covers learning guitar from all relevant aspects: Chords, ear training, licks, scales.

You have a lot to chew with the Beginner and Intermediate method. From there (and Justin will suggest you songs to learn, from different genres), I would suggest you specialize in your favorite genre. But before that, try to visit different types of genres to have more to choose from your palette.