This is the first track I wrote for my upcoming album this year.
All written and recorded by me. Just was seeing if anyone wanted to check it out maybe?
Thank you!

I know it's just the first track, but it seems very promising
Now I look forward to hear the complete album.
Hope you find a good vocalist to match those guitar skills
Whoa, man I really dig it. I was just telling my friend how I would love to record a new age thrash metal album. And this is awesome.
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I like it. It definitely rocks!
It does seem a little winded after a while but I think vocals will remedy that.
Just curious, what did you use for drums?
Wow! Thanks guys! That means a lot! I myself know its a bit repetitive, was hoping vocals will help that. Went for a basic structure on this one. Thanks again! Cant wait to show more!
@TheGroudZero For drums I'm using Superior 2.0 and drumagog to replace kick and snare. Was trying to go for an old school sound while still sounding modern if that makes sense lol.
Compared to the drums the rhythm guitars are muddy. Lead guitar (solo) was too loud. It faded everything else (not in a good way). And yea lacking vocals bad.