Well hello, I currently own a Dean ML X lefty that I've had for a year. I really enjoy playing but I need a new amp because my old amp is a 10 watt piece of trash.
I like to play devil's advocate sometimes on this subject. Maybe don't get an amp just yet, and instead get some modeling software (e.g. GuitarRig, BIAS) and a means to connect your guitar to your PC (e.g. rocksmith cable or behringer 302).
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I have 14 intact fully playable guitars but I also Have an ML X I scored for $25 on eBay as a project guitar, it is currently in pieces I bought the guitar with all of the hardware minus pickups and with no neck, I have a spare neck from a Dean V X that I am going to put on it, along with some Dean USA Time Capsule pickups that I pulled from my Split Tail, then if I get it playing good enough I will most likely upgrade the pickups.
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