Hey y'all - I have a new track that will be released March 14th. It is a fingerstyle/instrumental acoustic guitar tune.

'Midnight Runner is about having too many thoughts that run wild while you’re trying to sleep.


Leave a link below in the comments to your track for c4c!
I personally thought there was a little too much compression, the snaps of the mutes seem too loud relative to the tone. Just my opinion.
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A very pleasant song to listen to...I really like your playing style and the audio quality is awesome! Like others said before me,there's a bit too much compression,but that's it,otherwise the track is just fantastic.

My latest clip:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1697976
Hey man, Thanks so much for your critique, sorry i'm only getting back now; busy week.
I love the kind of dissonance in the intro, it keeps you hooked. Very nice playing, production is top notch, I love the tone you have for your acoustic. Overall great track man, nice and mellow can't really fault it!