Hello All,

I've an Ibanez SAS36FM and it plays wonderfully up towards the 11th fret, but once you get to the high e and b strings they dont really sound around the 12th to 15th fret then after that they are a little buzzy but sound a little better....

I've intonated the guitar...this didnt really help.

Im wondering if the strings are too low?? or maybe the neck is too flat so truss rod adjustment maybe?

I don't want to waste people's time but I would love to know if anyone out there is like "oh yeah, its obvious..."

Thank you.
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sounds like not all of the frets are quite level. you could try raising the bridge a little. If that works and the action isnt too high for you then thats all you need to do (Apart from intonation after).
If not, it probably needs a tech to look at it and level the frets and do a setup.

how long have you had the guitar? if its a recent purchase, the shop you bought it from may sort it out for you

Thanks for that, I will take a peek!!

I bought the guitar from eBay :-) so always a little risky - great price though so worth a punt
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Yes, it sounds like it needs a fret level and set up. Take it to a tech if you aren't DIY. Fret levelling isn't a particularly cheap job though.

Hey, thanks for the reply...I think that sounds like the best option...

Although it is tempting to try myself I think I would just ruin the thing.
Having level frets is the basis for everything else "setup" on the guitar. This is a job you definitely want to have done correctly. It's also possible that your nut is a bit high, and all of those things can be taken care of in one trip to a Really Good Tech. Note those last three words, however. Do a bit of research into finding that quality tech. Don't just take your guitar to the local guitar store hack.