Hi all,

This is my first post and I am looking for some guitar purchasing advice!

Where is the best place to start that kind of thread?

Many thanks

Depends, are you going electric? Acoustic?

There is a forum for each, most people usually pick a few models that they are interested in and then ask for advice on which is the best choice (which is typically very subjective). It is still best to offer a few models that you are interested in because we can steer you towards something similar but possibly better that you may not have heard of. It helps to post links to the guitars as well.

Buying used will allow you to get a better quality instrument for same price as a new lower quality one, you will want to know how to identify a good used guitar and know what to look for and there are threads in the U.G. archives to address that.

When you post be sure to include where you live so we can know what your best options are for availabilty, also your budget and what style of music you are into and plan on learning.
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