I literally cannot believe what I am seeing with my own two eyes. My friend's adapter for his Boss ME-50 multi effects unit broke, and he's looking to replace it. Now I absolutely know that any adapter with the correct voltage and current will do, so I look up the official adapter on Amazon. First thing I noticed was that there was no mention of current intensity. Then I look at the picture of the adapter included in the ad. What do I find there?


This. The voltage and current intensity is BLURRED. They are actually BLURRING it so we have to buy their adapter instead of a cheaper one that does the job. I mean 6 pounds is really not that much money if Amazon didn't charge me like an additional 15 for shipping. 21 pounds for a freaking adapter? Really, BOSS? Is this how low you have gone? Is this how much you respect your loyal customers, that have been using your products for more than ten years?

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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I'm sure you can ask around and figure out what the proper voltage is. I'm also sure BOSS has nothing to do with the shipping price, nor does it owe you the courtesy of releasing information for you to buy the product from another company.
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That picture looks nothing like the current Boss adaptors. In fact, I've never seen a Boss PSA that doesn't say Boss on the spec label. The Boss website lists it as 500mA, and eleven out of ten retailers I've checked have the information ready as well - 9v, 500mA, Center negative. I think you're directing your rancor at the wrong people. If it should be directed at anyone at all.
It broke so hard the label was destroyed?
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Why are you worried about what's on the adapter? Look at the unit itself, usually next to the plug. Should have volts (probably 9) mA draw, and center positive or negative. There is nothing you need on the plug itself.
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It broke so hard the label was destroyed?

I'm curious too

Easy. 9V, current draw 120mA.

Or, even easier:

"AC Adaptor: BOSS PSA series"
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