If you want to make bigger and better progress faster and more efficiently, this is one way to do it.

Step 1)

Get a notebook or use a word document (or Evernote or something similar)

Step 2)

Write the following headings at the top of three separate pages -

SONGS (These are the songs you know how to play)
RIFFS (These are the riffs you know how to play)
TECHNICAL (These are the things you need to work on)

Step 3)

Fill out the above with all the songs, riffs and technical areas you need to work in a list.

For the songs you know how to play, they should be complete songs where you know all the parts for the rhythm guitar at least.

The riffs page can be any riff, melody or part of a song.

`Technical` is the things that are holding back your playing.

These are the nagging things that trip you up in playing or things you would love to add to your playing

Eg. slow chord change on G to C, you keep forgetting a strum pattern, wanting to improve a travis picking pattern, want to learn the minor pentatonic scale, etc

Step 4)

A - Start your practice routine with a song, then...
B - spend 2 minutes perfecting something from the `technical` section, and then...
C - play one of the riffs (these are generally quite fun and help you practice in a different way to songs).

Go pick another song, then another technical thing to work on, then another riff, and repeat so and so on.

So, your routine will look like:



Keep on repeating until you reach between 15 - 20 minutes (ideal length for best results)

That`s it.

So simple and so effective.

A little more focus and a touch more tough love on yourself will help you make massive strides with your guitar playing in a shorter space of time.

Below is a sample of one of my students practice routine how it looks since he followed this plan.

Sample practice routine.

Song: Oasis - Half the world away
Technical: chord change from FMaj to CMaj
Riff - Michael Jackson - Beat it

Song: Green Day Good Riddance (Time of your life)
Technical: keeping a steady tempo with a click
Riff: Black Sabbath - Iron Man

The above is just about 12 minutes of his practice routine.

Follow this and your practice routine will not only be FUN, but it will be varied and highly effective.

If you are unsure what technical things to work on, look for what trips you up when you play a song and focus on those in the `technical` part of the practice.

This is a great practice routine for beginners and is still highly effective for more experienced guitarists.

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