Hi as title says i have this problem whenever i do pull off sometimes it gets caught under the fretboard ive read that u should file the fretboard. But how do you do that?
Before you file anything, make sure to analyze whether or not technique is causing you to pull the string below the fret board. Record yourself playing, or ask someone who plays to watch you.
A picture would help
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Maybe the OriginalPoster means that the part of the fret lines (dunno exact name) sort of jag outside of the fretboard's sides, so when he does a pull-off, the high e string bends and gets caught under the jag-ing out fret lines.
No need to file it down.
Just get some sand paper and smooth out the bottom of the frets, about 10 seconds.
Above the Guitar fret
How it looks when it's caught.

Sorry for the crappy images i took my mobile phone camera. I hope u still see the concept. Btw the guitar is a cheap chinese guitar, i dont think they put much effort into the fretboard. This happens sometimes when i do pull offs but when i fail vibratos too.
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Could be a sign of humidity issues. You should probably work on your technique for that not to happen, try bending the other way for the higher strings. Thicker strings will help you not do that also, but you won't be able to bend as far, or as easily, when you want it. I guess tapping like mentioned above might help as well. I doubt the frets were leveled with it sticking out though. I would expect that it somehow lifted out, most likely due to humidity issues. I would get it to the right humidity before doing any tapping. If the wood is warped, the frets may be correct, and so you'll be bending them out of shape to fit a warped neck, and your intonation will go out.
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I put tape under and it helped. The guitar costed 130 euros.
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Wow, tape is expensive over there.

Haha lol sry i meant the guitar costed 130 euros lol.

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at that price, a popper setup would probably cost more than the guitar so if tape helps, stick with that until you are in a position to want to go buy something a bit more up market

Yeah ill do that thanks.
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