Poll: Which guitar should I choose as my first guitar?
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Yamaha FG700S
0 0%
Yamaha FG340
0 0%
Seagull S6+Folk
2 100%
Voters: 2.
I'm interested in learning how to play the guitar, and am in the market for my first guitar. So far I've been looking around, and the above are my options; I was wondering between the three, which would be the best option? They are all used and are being sold by an individual, not a store. I have included a link for each guitar for their respective pictures to judge condition.

Option 1: Yamaha FG700S - $100
Current owner says he bought it off a friend of his two years ago, and that it is in excellent shaped and well maintained.

Option 2: Yamaha FG340 - $150
Same owner as the FG700S, states that he has owned it for a long time and is in good condition and was well maintained.

Option 3: Seagull S6+Folk - $70
Different owner from the Yamahas above, located in a different city. Claims that the guitar is in good condition besides the engravings, which a kid scratched in using scissors when he left his guitar unattended.

Also, since I have never played the guitar, I don't know what to look for. What are some things I should inspect and check for in person before deciding to buy the guitar? Are there any deal-breaking issues that would render the guitar unplayable and junk?
Note: For the two Yamahas, I'll be alone in judging the condition, but for the Seagull (since the seller is in my home town) I can get a friend who knows how to play the guitar to test it for me.